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Welcome to Meal P.R.E.Ps!

Where every customer is a student and campus is your Kitchen


Are you one of the Following?

  • Tired with a busy work or school schedule.

  • Love to eat. Hate to cook.

  • A parent looking for easy, healthy dinner nights.

  • Have specific Dietary, Religious, or Health Needs.

  • A Foodie.

  • Loves to cook, but doesn't know what to make.


If you are or think you might fall into one these, then we designed our company specifically for you. 



MealP.R.E.Ps is the work of our talented chef and CEO Triniti Hester. She wanted a program that was easy for everyone, but also gave you options on foods choices and dietary selection. A College ( HBCU ) theme  gives our company a flair and comfort that is Fun and individual to our brand. 

Our goal is make a balanced menu that is also seasonal and filled with healthy and some indulgent eating options for everyone's pallet. We are an ALL-ORGANIC and Farm-to-table specialists company.


Pairing with local companies, farmers markets, and organic vendors for all of the produced used is key. As well as only using Prime, Grass-Fed, Grade A or Organic Certified meats.  Delivering a product to every student that is High Quality, Flavorful, and Uniquely Appetizing is the goal. 

Our dedicated faculty ( Staff Members ) are educated, knowledgeable, and are ready to assist you. They specialize in meal and diet programs. Planning Weekly Custom Menus. Creating Kits and Preps that are for Religious ( Halal and Kosher ). Designing favorite meals for Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free or Gluten - Free dieting. 




To get started:


* Choose Class Schedule (Weekly Menu ) to see what we have to offer or what we have coming up in the next couple of weeks

* Choose Course Enrollment ( Order Online ) to place an order with us. 


* Book Online ( Personalized/Custom Services and Catering Needs ) to place Large Orders, Consult with our Faculty, or to contact or Administration Office ( HR, Accounting, and Customer Service )